Plica Ex Plica
09-12 Jun 2019

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Quadrennial 2019

duration: 4 days

Plica Ex Plica is a 3-day workshop with a performative presentation. This workshop encourages participants to extract the unit pattern from a daily object. After obtaining the pattern, participants fold a whole sheet of heavy duty paper as a pleating mould.

We later practice "Inversion Process" by Issey Miyake to create an unexpected silhouette to move along with body motion. The close observation of how pleats move with the body is the core of this workshop which can be seen in the video clips on this page.


The aim of the practice is to encourage participants to think about costumes from the perspective of body movement, questioning that if the costumes do not rely on scripts, on what ground is the costumes design for?

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