project leader : Aviun Huang

Nov 2009

Taipei, Taiwan

ARMU Design

duration : 100mins/60mins for little HAHA


HAHA is a project initiated by architectural practice ARMU DESIGN. Their aim is to promote the consideration of architecture as part of daily life. Their perspective combines ideas and training from both East and West. HAHA encouraged children to cross the conventional boundaries of space based learning and challenge the limits of tools, engaging with spatial sensibility, and to become energise through creativity. The 5 themes HAHA promote are: experience of space; 3D construction; practical materials, perception of objects; innovative thinking. 


The workshop that I facilitated refocussed children's perception of the human body from an organic form to one that can be considered as a series of geometric shapes. Through simple hand-stitch techniques and coloured muslin, participants were encouraged to rethink their view of the human body. 

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