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director: Apow Luc

02 Sep 2013

Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

produced by Nextwave Theatre


The main character in this play is called Truth. She is a different person in private and in public. In private she obsessively self-harms. I created a jacket with a pile of cubes on her right shoulder, there to represent the pressure that she cannot deal with.


A girl like Truth who is obsessed with cutting her wrist is just like me obsessing with the repetition geometry forms. To satisfy this, and also meet the limited costume changing time I have, I choose jacket as my design base and use only short zip to fasten the changing time. On this single jacket, I pile up all the cubes on her right shoulder which form into a Quasimodo hunchback image representing all her pressure and breathecatching moments that she cannot deal with, the openness and closeness of those cubes also allows her to move freely when she acts in the unreal scenes. I design those cubes specifically on her right shoulder since she always cut her left wrist. The length of sleeves is one consider, I show her entire left arms and wrist for the audience to see her wounds. The echo of openness and closeness between her wounds and the cubes is another consider. Her pile-up anxieties comes from the right shoulder therefore whenever she raises up her right hand to cut her left wrist, the cubes opens, and then so does she opens a new wound.

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